Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to the new online home of Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.   We are proud to present to you our new modern website.   Please pardon our appearance as several features start to take shape over the next few weeks.

Among the highlights of the new website, you will see a lot of our photos and videos displayed across our new online presence.  The Gallery area will show you photos from events such as our first day of class and grand opening.  You will also find intertwined videos from recent media interviews and our historical archives.

We also will serve you a direct connection to our online facebook and twitter feeds.   At the bottom of each page you will notice our recent tweets and facebook status updates.   You can continue to reach our facebook and twitter pages by clicking the various social media icons displayed throughout the website.

Our school registration, Volunteer, Equipment List and other forms have all been updated and digitized.  You can also sign up for our mailing list to get the latest news direct to your inbox.

These are just some of the new features you can find as you browse Veteranswatchmakerinitiative.org.  We encourage you to connect, and give feedback so that we can improve the website.

Thank You,

The Staff and Faculty of Veterans Watchmaker Initiative