The full Watchmaker Program will be 16 months in length (2560 hours) of intensive watch repair training plus 3 months of Internship (480 hours) for a total of 19 months (3040 hours).

When the student completes the program, they will be fully capable of making any repair to mechanical or quartz watches.

To complete graduation requirements and receive their certificate of graduation, the following will occur.

Student will have to satisfactorily complete competency tests as each new module is completed.

A comprehensive final exam will have to be passed in order to graduate from our program.

Student during the course will complete a school watch.

Student may provide 3 months of Internship to VWI at the Service Center under the supervision of VWI Staff Administrator.

The following areas will be covered in detail in the Watchmaker Program:

  • Tools: their proper names, usage and maintenance
  • Micro Mechanics: making tools, annealing and heat treating
  • Introduction to Watch Theory and basic repair
  • Lathe and Turning
  • Staffing
  • Jeweling
  • Making parts to include stems, staffs and jewel settings
  • Escapements with emphasis on the Swiss Lever
  • Hairspring Manipulation and Vibration
  • Watch case restoration and repair
  • Case and bracelet service and repair
  • Calendar mechanisms and complications
  • Chronographs
  • Precision Timing
  • Business practices