Special Thanks to those of you who believed in Veterans Watchmaker Initiative from the beginning and continue to support our endeavor.

Dave Skocik – who continuously makes “time” to help VWI achieve its goals

Tom Gordon – a true believer from the moment he heard about VWI

Spring Arbor and Spring Mill – were there from the beginning and continue to support VWI

Stardusters Concerts – continuously support VWI

Amy Cherry (WDEL) and Shirley Min (WHYY) – your stories and candor in promoting VWI was ground breaking

Mike W. – who has made VWI a 2nd job and spent hours of love in building the facility and continues to organize donations for VWI.

Don M. – who spends every free hour doing whatever is needed for VWI.

Bobby B. – who has believed in VWI from the start and proceeded to give everything needed to populate the school.

Chris G. – who gave unasked, to the VWI project as soon as he heard about it.

Peter F. – who gave so much to make VWI “world class.”

Michael B. – who invited the VWI graduating class to NYC with much celebration.

Mark N. – for staying in touch and supplying VWI with needed benches and tools.

Mark E. – for the unending flow of donated watch material for VWI.

Amy W. – Strong belief in VWI project and will continue to help us.

Randy K. – strong supporter of VWI.

Alain D. – belief in the VWI vision and eager to help.